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Inbound Calls

Inbound Calls – made by clients, partners to the company

Inbound services provided by a Call Centre include all the activities that concern the management of incalls received by a company from its clients, business partners etc. These activities can be performed by the activation of certain services such as:

  • Infoline;
  • Hot-line;
  • Help Desk;
  • Green numbers;
  • Order lines;
  • Interactive Voice Response;
  • Secretariat and Telephone office

These instruments enable an optimal management of the relations with the clients and a time –efficient solving of possible problems, requests for technical assistance, supply of information, taking over orders or redirecting them to the specialized department.

Infoline – Telephone line which provides specific information.

Hot-line – telephone line active 24/24 which signals different situations, problems, emergencies.

Help Desk – Technical assistance service which deals with everyday problems. The most frequent occur in the daily use of different equipment or software applications, or deal with more complex calls, that concern specialized knowledge in different domains: IT, mechanics, networking etc.

Green number– calls to the green number are free of charge 24/24 and they offer clients the possibility to express their opinions, to request information about the company, about products etc. or even to order products on the phone.

Orders line – It enables taking orders on the telephone.

Interactive Voice Response–It deals with the activation of an automatic response on different levels, thus enabling the clients to have direct access to the service they need.

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