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Marketing research

Marketing research and surveys

The call centre can perform campaigns of telephone interviews for different marketing research or surveys and can immediately fill in a form with the subjects’ answers. The advantages of using a call centre for this type of activities are obvious: filling in questionnaires in a short time, statistics available in real time, fast access to precise information etc.

Why are surveys necessary?

Surveys are instruments used to ask the opinions of the members of a community regarding products, campaigns, policies, articles or any other activities. Surveys are meant to check if a product, service or any other activity was successful, what aspects need improvement and data regarding the consumer.

The surveys can be as follows: opinion surveys, SWOT surveys, surveys regarding products and services, information surveys and product presentation surveys:

  • surveys regarding the mass media market (radio stations, TV stations, newspapers, internet surveys);
  • surveys regarding the consumers of products such as: drinks, food, sweets;
  • surveys regarding political preferences (parties, political personalities, groups of individuals);
  • Surveys in tourism – there is a survey regarding the areas preferred by the population depending on certain criteria (age, sex, income etc.), budget for holidays, benefits desired etc.

The quality of a survey depends on the way it is conducted: the people who take part (quality, language, and physical appearance), location, the information provided to the person questioned, the time necessary for answering all the questions, as well as other characteristics.

Gathering information is based on the questionnaires provided by the company which benefits from the survey. The people included in the survey are selected based on certain criteria so that one can cover a maximum range of individuals. It is possible to conduct unique surveys as well as periodic ones which can follow the evolution of the process in time. You are offered periodic information (during the conduct of the survey) as well as centralized final information and adequate conclusions.

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