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Outbound Calls

Outbound Calls – made from the company by the company to the clients, partners etc.

The Outbound services provided by a Call Centre include all the activities that concern the use of interactive methods of communication with the clients on the phone. These methods enable a faster and more direct approach of certain clients, with lower costs than a direct approach via sales representatives.

Telemarketing and sales on the telephone

Custom promotions and sales on the telephone of the company’s products and services, using data bases and selected samples. This type of service enables the management of contracts with both present and potential clients and the identification of the purchase intentions, the communication of specific information on the company’s offers, the support of the trade network with important information and the activation of new clients.


This service offer the opportunity to the collaborators to promote and sell their products / services through the videoconference set by our company.

Business meeting planning:

It enables the establishing of a constant flow of confirmed meetings by using an on-line agenda, which is managed by the call centre operators. The stages of this service are:

  • Segmentation of the target using different criteria;
  • Planning the questionnaire and drafting the communication plan;
  • Activation of the on-line agenda for every trade agent;
  • Contacting o the phone, sending of a certain documentation and meetings planning
  • Confirmation of the meetings
  • Drafting detailed reports on the results of the campaign and of the meetings;
  • Feed-back from the agents.

Lead Generation and the management of the data bases

The data bases are periodically updated and completed. They are necessary so that the sale and purchase procedures take place in the best conditions. They enable the identification of potential clients and the observation of their purchase tendency. And thus one can make business proposals and offers in accordance with their needs and demands.

Credit recovery and management

Custom service for the companies which offer financial services. This service refers to the positive solving of the problem of insolvable credit, by using the filtrated telephone call, by calling and repeating the call at the best time of the day in order to reach the credit recovery, keeping or getting the client back.

”Mystery calls” and “Mystery shopping”:

The company must always now if the employees abide by the company’s mission, the working procedures, the methods for approaching the clients. A business grows or goes bankrupt according to the quality of the services provided by the employees. By using this service, one can ensure that the employees are the ones the company and the clients need.

Direct E-mailing:

Advertising via e-mail, also known as direct mail, represents the delivery of advertising materials to the clients (who have previously requested it), the delivery of promotional offers, newsletters or any other method of correspondence.



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