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Software solutions

Create software applications:

Customer relationship management (C.R.M.) is an approach to managing a company’s interaction with current and future customers. It often involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.


  • Making any kind of software at the request and specifications of the customers;
  • Developing of desktop applications and web applications.

Create websites:

Online cards in any company is represented by the official website. Whether it is a classic website, presentation of the company, team and services, whether it is a creative application, the website represents a kind of “headquarters” of any online company.

We create websites from conception to implementation. We are actively involved in all the steps required to create a website.

With SaintLine (link facebook) you can develop web design projects like: websites, simple or complex, online shops, portals, web directories, news sites, sites of coupons, etc.

What can contain a web site:

  •  The main plugin of the page layout information, pictures and video;
  •  Product Catalogue plugin;
  •  Language plugin (En, En, etc.);
  •  Newsletter plugin;
  •  Guestbook plugin;
  •  Job Vacations plugin;
  •  Blog Articles.

Site search engine optimization (SEO)

Proper optimization of a website leads for a better presence in search engines to relevant searches made by users, about information, services or products presented on the site. The purpose is to place the site as high in lists of search results displayed in the search engine (first page, even among the first place) by certain keywords. This leads to more visitors, more people interested and more sales. But this is not all that makes SEO, his impact is one much larger and more beneficial.

SEO Help:

  • Search engines do their job better;
  • People find information, images, products they need;
  • Small businesses to compete with large companies;
  • A true industry of specialists and trainers to have jobs;
  • To reduce expenses with online promotion.

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